Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introduction to Zen and Mountain Biking

I was just sitting around trying to think how I might be able to help people get introduced to the amazing sport of Mountain Biking. But I also want to help everyone interested learn more about how to repair their bike, stay fit, enjoy the great outdoors on a bike, and maybe bring up a few things about having a positive attitude in life. Although the title of this blog is Zen and Mountain Biking, I need to explain that I can't officially say that I know much about Zen, except the feeling of being in the moment when I ride. The ability to not think but act instinctively and thus thoroughly appreciate what is going on around me.  That incredible feeling of escape that I feel when I am on a bike riding one of the local trails, the stress of everyday living melts away and I get to just enjoy riding.

I'll also give comments about my experiences with equipment, traveling, weather considerations, my attitudes, being a courteous rider, and being a team player when you ride with others. Or anything else that comes up. I will welcome comments and other peoples insights, whether you ride or not.

So a little about me. I have been riding bicycles for as long as I can remember. I can still remember the complete joy I had when I got my first bicycle for Christmas (literally one of my earliest memories). That old purple Kent single speed with a huge banana seat that I got in the late '70s got me started on a lifetime passion. Throughout the years I learned how to repair bicycles (I gained official experience working as a bike mechanic in a well known shop), ride better, help teach riding techniques, and even create my own product to sell (I'll add shameless plugs later). Around 1983 I bought my first real mountain bike, a Schwinn somethin' or another with no suspension and one of those crazy U-brakes on the frame where no brake should ever be. I was hooked. I now race Downhill, am the co-leader of a mtn biking group, repair bikes out of my garage, and sell lighting systems for night time riding. 

I hope you read what I have to say and if you glean just a few words of wisdom, or find something to be of help every once in a while, then I will consider this endeavor to be a success.  Remember, that the most important factor to the success and enjoyment of life is your own attitude and outlook....

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  1. So I really liked reading about your love for biking. I also liked your summary comment about success and enjoyment in life having to do with one's own attitude and outlook. I have really found that to be true in my efforts to become a CPA. Its been hard, and I've often wanted to quit. The mind is a powerful asset to overcome obstacles and to move us towards our goals. 'As a man thinks, so is he.'